Growing up, I always knew there was more to life than working a
9-5 job. I knew that if I wanted to get ahead in life, I had to be a business owner. 

However, they don't tell you everything that goes along with business ownership before hand. You end up having to be all things to all people and very quickly you realize that you do not own the business, it owns you. I always was able to make good money, but never had the time to enjoy it with my family. When I was fortunate enough to find The Syndicate, I saw it as a way to buy my time back! True wealth is having both time and money freedom and The Syndicate gives you that opportunity! I am truly blessed to have found the business when I did and I owe all my success to the leadership, mentorship, and support in the company! 

Take chances! Be Great! Jeremy Bhimji Founder, The Syndicate JOIN THE SYNDICATE MOVEMENT!
Founder, The Syndicate